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'AssayMetrics offers novel fluorescence technologies: dye labeling reagents, enzyme substrates, imaging agents and fluorescence lifetime platereaders'

   Fluospec LT Reader

FluospecTM FL plate reader

The revolutionary new laser-based plate reader from AssayMetrics brings robust lifetime discrimination to fluorescent biochemical assays. Fast enough for high throughput screening and flexible enough for quantitative kinetic assays under temperature control.


  • Solid state laser excitation
  • Dual laser option (405nm for PURETIME14 or coumarin; 470nm for PURETIME22 or fluorescein; other wavelengths also available)
  • Standard microtitre plate formats (96, 384 and 1536 option)
  • Less than one second read-time per well
  • PURECHECKTM test for compound absorption and light scattering
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote PC control
  • Simple graphical user interface (under Windows® XP and Windows® 7)
  • Data integrity and signatures enabling CFR 21 part 11 compliance
  • Temperature stabilisation and optional heating to 37°C
  • Compatible with all PURETIME® kinase and protease assays

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Fluorescent dyes and labeling reagents

We offer a range of fluorescent labeling reagents and enabling chemistries particularly suited to fluorescence lifetime and polarization techniques. Our PURETIME ® dyes have fluorescence lifetimes ranging from 1ns to 325ns and are characterized by their purity, stability and suitability for fluorescence lifetime assays.


Antibody-free fluorescence kinase assays with PURETIME ® 17  technology

AssayMetrics announces its first antibody-free fluorescent kinase assays. They can be read with either a fluorescence lifetime platereader or a conventional platereader. Click on the link on the left to find out more.  



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